"CRYPTO JUMBLE" is a loto game deployed on the Ethereum platform.

By using Smart Contract to perform processes required for games such as selling tickets and lottery using Ethereum,It is fair for the user and even if it connects to the Internet it is possible to purchase tickets in all regions of the world.In addition, since the game process is done on Ethereum, the operating cost can be drastically reduced and a higher return rate can be realized for the user.


How lottery works

The lottery for "CRYPTO JUMBLE" is done by combining the world market index.Closed lottery-day's closing price "one place" is eligible.

  1. 4th digit (1~5): Nikkei Index (.N225)
  2. 3rd digit (0~9): Shanghai SE Composite Index (.SSEC)
  3. 2nd digit (0~9): S&P BSE SENSEX Index (.BSESN)
  4. 1st digit (0~9): Dow Jones Industrial Average (.DJI)

※The value in the fourth digit adopts the value of the first place in the integer part of the Nikkei Stock Average and its should be a value from 1 to 5. Therefore, when the value of the first place is more than 6, the value in the fourth digit adopts a value subtracted with 5 from the value of the first place. For example, 6 is 1, 10 is 5.

On the lottery day, the numbers are confirmed with the end of the market in order from the fourth digit, and the winning number is confirmed when the closing price of the first digit becomes the announcement.
(We will confirm the winning number based on the stock price displayed on the this link.)

About "Carry Over"

If the winning ticket has not been purchased for each series, 80% of the winning ETH will be carried over.
For the winning ETH in the series to be held at the time of carryover, the total sales ETH of the series will be the upper limit, and the undigested carryover ETH will be carried forward to the next series.

About winning ETH

The winning ETH of "Crypto JUMBLE" varies depending on the number of ETHs sold and the number of carry over ETHs for each series.

Important Information

In any case,it is deemed that you have agreed to all

  1. The notes and risks of this service
  2. Ethereum transaction risk
  3. Prohibited matter

with the creation of the "Crypto JUMBLE" user account.